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Product promotion

If you are interested in promoting your product or service on or in the Xirokambi Newsletter, please contact us to discuss the options. You can also fill in the form on this page.

Only relevant promotion of products and services is allowed. Promotion is free for businesses and organisatons in Xirokambi.


We are happy with volunteers who would like to help maintain this website. One time contributions are also welcome. Possible ways you can contribute:

  • Write small articles about things to do and see in Xirokambi and surroundings
  • Translate from Greek to English
  • Check walking and hiking routes – we like to add a walking and hiking section to this website
  • Add local events
  • Content for the blog posts, like recipes, little stories, book reviews

Send an email to if you would like to get involved.


Donations for developing content and the hosting and maintenance costs of the Xirokambi website are welcome. Donators will receive a receipt or invoice for their contribution.


Let us know how you would like to contribute to the Xirokambi website. We will reply the same or next day.
    The newsletter is published three times per year (Spring, Summer and Autumn).
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