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Xirokambi Restaurants & cafes

Xirokambi has an amazing number of restaurants for its size and not being a touristic village. Apart from the choices in places to eat, it is the quality of the food that will really surprise you. Using local and/or biological ingredients, mostly from their own land, the restaurants serve delicious local and seasonal dishes.

Greek food

Eating together and sharing food is an essential part of Greek culture. Guests are always welcome, with an extra plate and glass brought in minutes. The food arrives as soon as it is ready. If you order appetizers and a main course, they are likely to be served at the same time. If you would prefer it separate, ask for it.
Greeks make a clear distinction between meals cooked in advance (majireftá) and dishes prepared on the spot (tis óras). The first include slow food like mousaká, lamb from the oven, various vegetables prepared in olive oil. These plates vary with the seasons. On busy days (weekends in winter, summer months) and at lunch time you’ll find a larger variety of cooked meals than on a weekday in Winter. The second include meat – chicken, souvlaki, biftekti, sausages etcetera – and fish grilled on charcoal. The plates are prepared the moment you order and often served with fried potatoes.

Kalí órexi – Enjoy your meal!

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Enjoy fantastic Greek food in the Xirokambi tavernas and cafes

Dionysos – Traditional Tavern

Dionysos serves traditional Greek food, with a wide range of choice in meat and vegetables dishes. It is one of the few restaurants in Xirokambi that is open for lunch every day. Depending on the season there are always 2-3 different lunch dishes available, like moussaka, stuffed tomatoes or pasta. In the evening tasty meat is prepared on the charcoal grill with the lamb chops or souvlaki as specialties. Combine with chorta or a fresh salad for a great meal. All dishes are cooked with their own olive oil and vegetables, local meat and are served with their own (biological) wine. On summer evenings you have a prime spot on the village square while you wine and dine.

Open from 10.30 am till 12 pm, 7 days a week
English: yes – menu in English available
Tel. (+30) 27310 35559
Location: on the north side of the central square (1)

  • Lunch Specials
  • Lamb Chops – Païdákia
  • Souvlaki
  • Roast Pork from the oven
  • Stuffed Wineleaves

Stathmós – Deli Cafe & Pizzeria

This popular cafe is a great place for coffee, pastries and ice cream. Sweets like baklavá, kataífi and galaktoboúriko (milk pie) are home made. They also serve sandwiches, appetizers, giros pita and salads. On hot summer days it is the place to eat pizza. The vegetarian pizza is very good.

Open all day, 7 days a week
English: yes
Tel. (+30) 27310 35904
Location: on the northwest side of the village square (2)

  • Coffee – Kafè
  • Ice cream – Pagotó
  • Pizza, vegetarian pizza
  • Pastries – Glyká

To Ellenikón – Cafe Mezodopolío

Nicely located in the middle of the square the mezodopolío offers plenty to nourish your appetite. Apart from a large choice of small plates (mezédes) you can also go for main courses like lamb from the oven or pasta with shrimps. Vegetables and olive oil are own produce, while wine, meat and free-range chicken are from the area, including fresh fish from Gythio.

Open 7 days a week for coffee, lunch and dinner
English: no – English menu available
Tel. (+30) 27310 35707
Location: centre of the square on the west side (3)

  • Omelet with tomato, eggs and cheese – Kaghianá
  • Chicken with onions and cheese – Bardouniótiko (order in advance)

Athivolès – small plate gastronomy

Athivoles is located in the beautiful building with the arches on the central Xirokambi square. Open from early morning till midnight, this is a great place for coffee, lunch and dinner. Among the specials are spetzofai – sausage with peppers in a tomato sauce, potato salad and papoutsakia or stuffed egg plant. Treat yourself on small plate gastronomy with a prime view on the hustle and bustle around the Xirokambi square.

Open from 8 am till 2 am, 7 days a week
English: yes – menu in English available
Tel. (+30) 27310 35555
Athivoles on Facebook
Location: on the east side of the central square (4)Spetsofai
Potato salad
Souvlaki & grill

Sxolarxeion – Cafe Mezodopolío

This cafe mezodopolío with the outdoor area next to the kiosk, is a great place to enjoy your coffee, ouzo or the delicious home brewn tsipouro – a grape distilled spirit. On warm summer evenings go for the spit-roasted lamb, pork or chicken. You can finish your meal with a nice soft-serve ice cream.

Open all day, 7 days a week.
Efi, the owner, speaks English.
Tel. (+30) 27310 35919
Location: centre of the square on the east side (5)

  • Tsípouro
  • Ouzo with octopus – Ouzo me xtapódi
  • Meat on a spit – Soúfla

Kafeneio tou Paul – Paul’s Cafe

A classic Greek kafeneio with a modern twist. Enjoy your coffee in his newly opened courtyard in the back of the cafe surrounded by flowers or sit in the main square to view the daily activities of the locals.

Open daily from 7 am till 12 pm
Tel. +302731036265
English: yes
Location: on the east side of the square next to the pharmacy (6)

  • Greek coffee, cappucino
  • Mezèdes
  • Fresh ice cream

Picadilly To Petrino – Greek Restaurant

Picadilly, located just off the village square, is a cosy Xirokambi restaurant serving tasty traditional Greek dishes like mousaká, pastas, vegetable dishes in olive oil, meat from the grill and several fish plates. And if you like desserts, you are in for a treat. Everything is home made with local products. In summertime you can enjoy your meal outside on the Town Hall square.

Open seven days a week during summer for dinner. During the winter months also open for lunch on Sunday. In winter closed on Mondays and Tuesdays.
English: yes – English menu available.
Tel. (+30) 27310 35635
Location: south of the main square on your right (7)

  • Home cooking only
  • Squid – fried or from the grill
  • Zuchini fritters – Kolokithókeftedes
  • Aubergine from the oven – Melitzánes savór

Paralía – Traditional Greek Tavern

Located 150 meters fom the square, Paralía is the oldest of the Xirokambi restaurants. It has a nice courtyard for warm summer evenings and a covered terrace for chilly evenings. The restaurant serves an authentic Greek kitchen, with a delicious twist. Specials depend on the season. Vegetables, olives and olive oil, wine and pork are from their own land. Only extra-virgin olive oil is used in preparing the dishes.

Open for dinner. In Summer open 7 days a week; in Winter closed on Mondays and Tuesdays.
English: yes – menu in English available.
Tel. (+30) 27310-35264
Paralia on Facebook
Location: south of the main square at the end of the street on the right (8)

  • Spinach pie – Chortópita
  • Home made pork sausage – Loukániko
  • Roast beef simmered in the oven – Gourmási
  • Stewed Summer Vegetables – Kolokithomajírema

Going out for dinner with friends or family? Share the dishes you ordered, portions are not small. You can always order extra, if it tastes like more!

Dining on your own? Ask for half meals, so you can taste different dishes.

Greek coffee on the Xirokambi square

Coffee and spirits

Greeks love a good cup of Greek coffee, or a nice cold frappé. They rarely drink coffee after dinner, so most restaurants do not even serve it. They also like a nice ouzo or tsipouro, a spirit distilled from the grapes left after pressing them for wine, accompanied with small pieces of meat, fish or octopus. Alcohol drinks are always served with something to eat. And of course you drink the local wine from the barrel with your main meal.

Stin gia ‘mas – Cheers!

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