Sustainable tourism

The website aims to promote sustainable tourism in Xirokambi Sparta and its surrounding area.

Contribute to the local economy

Visitors can contribute to the economy throughout the year by shopping at the shops in the village, eating at the local restaurants and by staying in one of the small scale guesthouses.

Take care of the environment

While exploring Xirokambi and its surrounding area, we kindly ask you to take good care of our environment. Stay on paths, do not pick flowers or herbs, and take any garbage with you. You can dispose your waste at your accommodation, or even better, use the recycle bins in the village.

Watch out for wild fires

As elsewhere in Greece, Laconia is prone to forest fires. Fire can spread fast in the mountains and valleys, especially in windy weather conditions. Open fire is not allowed from May 1st till October 1st. Cigarettes but also pieces of glass can cause enormous destruction.
In case of fire, immediately call 199 or 112.

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